A contemporary Brand for contemporary human
The modern-day retelling of classical aesthetics blended into contemporary complexity of constantly changing societies is a major foundation of the brand.

It creates functional, day to night wardrobe for the modern human with the aim of creating a new informal form of luxury.

Quality and attention to details is the priority of the brand, with clear focus on craftsmanship and the inherent quality of fabrics, materials and manufacturing.

The brand establishes itself as a smart luxury, trying to merge intuitions of it’s international team with high-quality production process, from research to final products.

Our story

Since, it’s inception, in 2015, the brand has aimed to establish itself as a slow fashion, high-quality and customer oriented brand.
A signature style of effortless fashion and subtle femininity has been evident from the first season.

Conceived, designed and produced between Milan and Minsk, the brand stems from the EuroAsiatic space to connect different geographies.
Cultural contamination of backgrounds, visual suggestions and perceptions of the world, represents a blank canvas for Leorgofman.

The brand transforms new normal into sophisticated attitude, as daily practice through its consistent vision and relentless pursuit of beauty.
The gathering from multiple concepts and subjects in each collection leads to explore diverse states of mind and consciousness